Hello! Meet WildStreak. We’re six women who like being outside. We’re not professional adventurers. We’re not especially hardcore. But we’ve all been shaped by our experiences in the northern wilderness, and by the female role models who have given us the skills and confidence to get out there.

We have two goals: to set aside time in our own lives for empowering, all-female adventures, and raise money for organizations that give teenage girls the opportunity to do the same. To learn more about who we are, read on.

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Name: Sarah Gilman (aka Gilman, G-string, GZ)
Current hometown: Portland, Oregon
Day job: Freelance environmental journalist, editor and illustrator
Favorite thing to do outside: Multi-day alpine backpacking, face-planting in tundra, extended river trips, especially in the desert. SWIMMING.
Something most people don’t know about you: I’m a sucker for old lady crafts like sewing, weaving, crocheting, and quilting. And once I was forced into a woodsplitting contest and won, then subsequently developed semi-secret dreams to become a lumberjack games champion. I’m also excellent at standing on my head; this phenomena has been photodocumented everywhere from the tops of mountains and hoodoos to the interior of a shitty Vegas casino.

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Name: Kate Lauth (aka Kato, Kato Potato, Sloth, Sleuthy Poo)
Current hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Day job: Social Work grad student/ soon to be Clinical Addictions Counselor
Favorite thing to do outside: Anything on water. Paddling, swimming, floating, wading, frolicking… Preferably in the mountains and with lady friends.
Something most people don’t know about you: I was a test tube baby. Other interests include dancing to Beyoncé, campfire sing alongs, winning pie contests, day dreaming about adventures in the wild, and thinking about learning how to play the ukulele.

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Anna Santo (aka A Crazy Eye, Anna Banana, Girafita)
Current hometown: Bellingham, Washington
Day job: Grants Coordinator at North Cascades Institute
Favorite thing to do outside: Backpack through flowery spring alpine meadows, mountain bike, and watch for seedlings sprouting in the garden.
Something most people don’t know about you: I published a scientific article in an esteemed peer-reviewed journal all about South American ranchers’ feelings about invasive beavers. Also, sometimes people think I’m crossing my eyes at them, but I promise it’s not on purpose, it’s just my Duane’s.*

*Duane syndrome is a congenital and non-progressive type of strabismus. It is characterized by difficulty rotating one or both eyes outward or inward. Hence, the nickname. (Sarah adds: Anna’s strabismus only magnifies her adorableness.)

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Krista Langlois (aka LangWAH, #kfl)
Current hometown: Durango, Colorado
Day job: Freelance journalist
Favorite thing to do outside: Wander aimlessly about. I also adore being on or near or in the water in any fashion. And I like going fast on a snowboard or mountain bike.
Something most people don’t know about you: I went to a Catholic school for nine years and aspired to be the first female Caiaphas in our annual production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Also I have a minor in Medieval Studies. Other interests include letting my dog lick my face; eating entire boxes of cereal in one sitting; combing through flea markets and yard sales; and competitively playing cards and board games.

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Kate Greenberg (aka KBG, KGB, Kati, Greenberger, Greenquads)
Current hometown: Durango, Colorado
Day job: Western water program director with the National Young Farmers Coalition
Favorite thing to do outside: Night swims, hike with no destination, paddle/float rivers. Eat. Play. Go where no one else is going.
Something most people don’t know about you: On road trips I sustain myself primarily on chips and candy bars. Dancing is my other passion. Contemporary, salsa, blues, contact improv, hip-hop. The first dance contest I won was at an 8th grade birthday party (the competition was limited). I then played mythic creatures in modern dance theater shows and have lately taken to sidewalk dancing.

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Name: Jen Crozier (aka Jenner, Crozier!)
Current hometown: Durango, Colorado
Day job: Community Mental Health Crisis Worker
Favorite thing to do outside: Getting up in the high alpine on my bike or skis, SUPing with my little dog Ottie, escaping into the desert to sleep under the stars.
Something most people don’t know about you: I absolutely love fancy shampoos and the like- the stupidly expensive hand made kind. This is surprising to most because I don’t care at all how my hair looks.
One last thing: Gertrude McCormick–also known as “Grandma T,” a 90 year old Polish woman who raised 7 kids in a teeny tiny house and worked nights as a nurse to support everyone–is so proud that we are planning this trip. She’ll be following us closely on her “new fangled” iPad that she got for Christmas.